Sophie is a cryptocurrency trading software, which allows you to take advantage of the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market to carry out buying and selling operations in an automated way. In this way, the emotional factor is eliminated.

bots or robots are in charge of carrying out transactions based on a strategy, and some indicators that the user can configure and adjust. Each of the bots is assigned to a pair, against the dollar or against another cryptocurrency. The bot decides the best time to buy, and finalizes the sale once it has reached the desired take-profit. If the price of the pair is against, reached the stop loss, the bot does not sell at a loss, but starts another buying cycle. All these purchases will be considered floating and will cease to be, when the price is favorable and they reach the adjusted take-profit.

All bots are trained once a day to make small trend-following adjustments.

Main features :
  • Unlimited number of bots and peers
  • Strategies: Basic mode, MACD and RSI
  • Indicators: Moving averages, MACD, RSI, OBV and volume crossovers
  • Trailing take-profit
  • Trade operations are carried out on the Binance Exchange, using the user's API key
  • Possibility to act manually at any time
  • Panic button

Sophie is a personal and private project. For security reasons, it is not accessible through the public internet network.

WEBAPP Screenshots