Room status change

The hotel room maids, among many other tasks, are in charge of checking, cleaning and daily hygiene of each of the hotel rooms. They go room by room and write down on a sheet the state of each room (dirty, clean, checked, unwell, etc.). At the end of the tasks, this sheet is normally delivered to the hotel reception, and it is the receptionist or the housekeeper, who enters the status of the rooms in the PMS (entry and exit management software).

This app allows you to automate this process and optimize resources. The app displays a hotel room map in the form of buttons. Each button represents a room. And it is represented with a color depending on its status. For example: green if it is clean, red if it is dirty, etc.

By accessing each of the rooms, we can change their status in real time. This information is immediately sent to the PMS, in such a way that in real time, the reception can manage the proper delivery or departure of the room 'to' or 'for' the client.

Technologies used :
  • Android (native)
  • Couchdb lite
  • PHP
  • Linux systems
  • Non-sql databases (Couchdb)
  • SQL Server