Purchase program for hotels

Management of purchases of an entire hotel chain. It allows you to order from suppliers, product transfers between warehouses, invoices, credits, etc. Control of the stock or inventory of all the purchased product. It is accessible from any browser.

The most interesting thing is that the orders are created by the cooks or chefs, and the catering staff of each of the hotels. The user enters the application, and places the order with different providers according to the needs of each hotel. They just focus on ordering what they need, without worrying about the price or the supplier. The products available to order are pre-established by means of templates from the headquarters. Once the order is placed, it is automatically sent to the provider according to the previously configured route, either by email, ftp, push notification, REST API or by any other means of communication pre-established with the provider.

Price rates are updated automatically. Depending on the provider, the update intervals may vary. These are usually the usual providers, who have the automatic rate update activated.

The system allows you to scan each combination, menu, dish, etc., and link it with the POS system for the subsequent inventory control.

Technologies used :
  • Sencha (ExtJs)
  • PHP
  • Linux systems
  • Non-sql databases (Couchdb)

WEBAPP Screenshots