POS a point of sale application for bar / restaurant. Accessible from any browser and device, be it PC or tablet. By operating on an ethernet network, multiple devices located in different areas can be used. Each of them, assignable to multiple points of sale, lounges, cash registers and printers.

We have also developed the version for commander . Installable app on mobile or tablet. The commander is a wireless terminal designed to take the command from the client's own table, without the need to write it down in a notebook or note. The command is automatically transmitted to the central server (via WI-FI) and the orders are printed in the kitchen or where they have been programmed. In this way, waiting times are reduced.

Main features :
  • Backend (webapp) and Frontend (webapp and app)
  • Multiple points of sale, lounges and cash registers
  • Graphic design, by the user, of rooms and tables
  • Day closing and cash closing
  • Reports and statistics from the backend and frontend
  • Accessibility according to user permissions
  • Sync data with ERP
The app or commander is developed in Android native and uses couchbase-lite as the local database. This is synchronized in the background with the main couchdb database of the centralized server.

WEBAPP Screenshots