Maintenance control system

This app allows you to schedule routine maintenance tasks. Tasks can be managed from the app or from the web browser. Each task has a periodicity (daily, weekly, fortnightly, etc.). When a new task is generated, it is notified by email and push notification to maintenance personnel. It is normally used as a reminder mode. Example: Mowing the lawn, bleeding accumulators, etc.

In addition to routine tasks, it is also possible to program tasks for machines, and for the system to notify when, for example, an elevator motor must be greased (according to manufacturer's specifications).

The application also has the functionality of allowing the introduction of data of all possible consumptions and measurements. For example, collect daily measurements of PH, chlorine, bromine, etc. for the maintenance of swimming pools and SPAs. Obviously, you can get reports and lists grouped by month. Indispensable for SPA and swimming pool audits.

Technologies used :
  • Sencha (ExtJs)
  • PHP
  • Linux systems
  • Non-sql databases (Couchdb)

WEBAPP Screenshots