ACS is an application designed for access control and check-ins of company personnel. In addition, it is used to manage employee vacations, time control, shifts, leave, etc.

The booking system is based on facial recognition . A mobile device or tablet, strategically located on a stand or embedded in the wall. The app (native to Android), allows the facial recognition of the employee and his subsequent signing. The signing is done when entering and leaving. If there is an error in the facial identification, the system allows tactile identification via code. The app uses a local database (couchdb lite), and it synchronizes in the background with the server every certain time interval. The transfer records are sent to the central database (Couchdb).

We have also developed a webapp, which allows you to view all these signings in a clear and dynamic way as a calendar. Signings in green, days not signed in red, vacations in blue, etc. Each employee is assigned to a department, so to view a calendar for an employee, you must first select the department and finally the employee. In the same calendar, you can add, vacation events, leave, maternity leave, etc. These events are fully editable and configurable. The system allows automating processes, for example, sending employees who have not signed up every day via email, etc. Also extract all kinds of reports regarding transfers and events. And also, set all kinds of alarms.

Main features :
  • Backend (webapp) and Frontend (app)
  • Facial recognition
  • Accessibility according to user permissions
  • Reports and statistics from the backend

WEBAPP Screenshots