DECATHLON. Virtual races

Development of a backend for the automation of DECATHLON virtual races (DecaRun) .


To participate is very simple, you just have to have a decathlon account, enter the dashboard and search for activities online. There appear the virtual races and the participant only has to subscribe. Automatically, the user receives an email with instructions and the bib number.

On the day of the race, the runner performs the activity by registering it in the Decathlon app (DCoach). At the end of the race, the runner receives an email with his result and decathlon points based on the result obtained.


On the one hand, a REST API has been implemented, which collects all the participant subscriptions for each event (event, bib number and participant).

Through a webhook, all sports activities are collected through the Decathlon Coach app of each participant. They go through a filtering process to discard invalid activities according to a specific parameterization.

At the end of each event, a ranking by gender and category is generated. An email is sent to all participants and points are assigned and added to the MyDkt account.

In addition, in parallel, an internal competition based on Brands has been implemented, only for internal Decathlon staff.

In addition, team races have been implemented, where a team of between 4 to 6 participants compete with the same number with other teams. Between all the members of the team they must add 42km. And everyone has to do the activity.

Technologies used :
  • NodeJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Dockers