10 CLS;
30 GOTO 20;

It all started when I was 6 years old, with the Spectrum that I saw at my friend Kiko's house. I remember asking my parents to go to their house, with the intention of being able to play R-Type. Santa claus saw it clearly, and a year later he brought me the Amstrad 128k with a disk drive. How cool!!. I only had the pacman game. And I remember rewriting (copying) all the code in BASIC language of the example games, which came in Amstrad's book. I wrote hundreds of lines of code without understanding what they were doing, I just wanted to get to the last line and be able to run the program to start playing. Months later, a co-worker of my father came to my house to teach me how to program in BASIC. Here I started creating my first programs.

At 16, my path was already clear to me. He knew what I liked, which was computers and electronics. At the age of 17-18 I created my first video game using DirectX 2D and C ++ libraries in their most recent versions. It was a game of martian killers (type Truxton or Defender). On windows 95/98.

I loved electronics and the world of airwaves, but it was at university where I saw that what really fascinated me was programming. I started with C and Delphi . Later, I took a 3D Studio Max course and started creating 3D video games using DirectX 3D and Visual C ++ . It was all tests and prototypes. It was in college when I discovered the Open Source world, that I began to acquire skills with UNIX/Linux systems. During the final degree project, I developed an artificial vision system capable of recognizing colors. Application for the textile sector. Detection of dye errors in the tissue. Development in C ++ . The same day the final degree project was delivered, I was called for a job interview in Barcelona: VIDMAR; I've been working for no less than 13 years ...

2000 - 2013 (13 years)
Thanks to VIDMAR, I was trained as a professional. I started in the engineering & automation department, programming PLCs (Siemens, Schneider, Allen-Bradley, etc.). During a first two-year stage at VIDMAR, I participated in automation projects: They were mainly based on development of the electrical project, purchase of hardware, programming of PLCs and commissioning at the client's home. At this time I had to travel a lot.

After two years, I moved on to the software development department. Industrial automation projects, but using the PC / Server as a centralized control device. Industrial processes. Communications with all types of peripheral systems / devices, protocols and layers. Mainly, we developed applications based on client / server architecture (desktop and web) in .NET and SQL Server databases , obviously on windows systems. Seen from the current point of view, it was a beginning of the current IoT (internet of things), only that instead of the internet, it was intranet . There were applications that had millions of lines of code. I remember a clean and well structured code. The last years at VIDMAR I ended as head of the software department. We were a team of 6 engineers and I think we understood each other perfectly. My decision to change company was solely and exclusively for personal reasons. I have very good memories of many colleagues. Today, I have a very special friendship with some of them.

2013 - 2020 (7 years and 4 months)
SALLES HOTELS is a chain of luxury hotels, distributed throughout Spain, whose headquarters are in a beautiful place on the Costa Brava. My main role at the company was software development. Most of the technologies we used were Open Source. The systems were based on Linux. Technologies: PHP, Javascript (Sencha, ExtJs, jQuery, Angular, etc.), Java, Couchdb, MySql and SQL Server , among others. We created our own framework, which we called SHSuite, based on modules and using all these technologies. The software modules that we create: Booking engine, POS, SPA, CRM, Incident management, Business intelligence, PMS, Golf, Purchasing, Finance, Presence control and maintenance.

In addition to web applications, we also developed native Android + couchdb lite mobile apps. Among the most outstanding: POS commander, access control, incident management and room status changes. We used non-sql (Couchdb) and sql (MySQL, MariaDB and SQL Server) databases. Agile methodology, Jira and Git .

My decision to change companies was due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic seriously stoked the tourism sector and analyzing the situation, I decided to change my course. I have very good memories of some colleagues. At present, I have a very special friendship relationship with some of them.

2020 - 2021 (1 year)
INOLVE NEWTECH is a private company whose main activity is research and development (R&D), to provide solutions for sustainable water consumption, intelligent irrigation for gardening and agricultural stations. These solutions are based on technologies that combine the sensing of hardware and software devices. Hardware devices send information about light, humidity, soil humidity, etc. to a centralized system via the internet. IoT. The core of the software is an artificial intelligence system that learns and decides on the actions to be taken when watering the plants.

Frontend manager, apps (Android and iOS) and web. Technologies: ReactJS, React Native, Android, iOS, NodeJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Dockers, Linux (CentOs), Scripting, AWS and MySQL . Agile methodology, Teamwork and Git .

2021 - Currently
I am starting this new stage as a freelance software developer, with great enthusiasm and new ideas. Let's go!